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BYOT Program


Brauer College has always believed the provision of a personal ICT device is an important asset for students and annually reviews the way these ICT tools are integrated into the curriculum. Advances in the way curriculum is being delivered at the College, combined with the growth in ICT skills of both students and teachers ensures the continued development of 21st century ICT skills amongst our students.

Bring Your Own Technology

Students use a privately purchased device chosen by them as their principal 1:1 device at school. It should be noted that small mobile devices such as iPods, iPad Mini, smart phones and eBook readers are not eligible as the principal 1:1 device because of OH&S concerns; these are however permitted to be brought to school. Brauer staff will provide access to the wireless network and the internet but will not provide any hardware or software support for BYOT devices. There is no booklist or support cost for this service.

What device do I need to provide?

We recognise that a “one size fits all” netbook approach does not suit all students. The BYOT program allows families to provide a privately purchased device which can be sourced from any vendor. The device can be one of the following types provided the minimum specifications are met.

  • Laptop - This includes Windows 7, 8 Pro and 10 and Apple devices that meet the minimum laptop specification and usually have larger screens and keyboards.
  • Netbook - This includes Windows and Apple devices that meet the minimum laptop specification but are usually much smaller and lighter than a full size laptop. They can have limitations like a smaller keyboard or no DVD. This may include ex-primary school netbooks only where they meet the minimum specifications.
  • Tablet - This includes Windows 8 Pro, 10 and Apple iOS devices that meet the minimum tablet specification. Examples of these devices are the iPad and the Windows Surface Pro. 

Families should ensure the device meets the minimum specifications provided by the College and that the students have access to appropriate support for both maintenance and use along with insurance.

Do I need to purchase software?

Laptops will require no software to be purchased due to the extensive use of Web 2.0 tools in the College, such as the Google Apps suite. The college is also able to assist students by providing access to Microsoft Office 365 at no cost along with a range of Open Source software, detail will be available shortly.

iPad owners will also have access to Google Apps and Office 365 at no cost. They should allow $30 for purchase of other apps from the Apple Store.

Given this families should use their discretion when considering additional software purchases.


Families are free to make their BYOT purchase anywhere. However many local companies work closely with the school and have been provided with this information, and can give sound advice to families about devices that will best meet their students’ needs. You may also choose to use an existing device you already own provided it meets the minimum specification. If purchasing, we would encourage you to consider the two options below. 


Option A - Local suppliers

 These local suppliers, and long time supporters of the college, have been provided details of our minimum specifications, along with details of the software freely available for students.

  • eResources
  • Good Guys
  • Multicomm IT
  • Welcome Computers
Families can of course purchase devices from other suppliers but would need to ensure they are very familiar with the minimum specifications for BYO devices.

Option B - Purchasing Portal provided by LWT

The college has worked with Learning with Technology, an education IT provider, to provide a portal for parents to simplify selection of a BYO device. We have tried to ensure the devices listed meet or exceed the minimum specification and at the time represented good value offering educational discounts. They provide both 'onsite' and 'return to base' warranty and repair options.

Learn more

Please note, by clicking the button above you are leaving the Brauer College website and accessing a commercial site. The college is not recommending or endorsing any payment or finance options available. Families should consider the products offered carefully and compare value with products from other suppliers. All products purchased through this portal contributes loyalty points toward the school, these will be redeemed to provide additional BYOT support devices for students.

Minimum BYOT Device Specification

The purchase of 3G/4G mobile data enabled devices is not recommended as this could expose students to Cyber-Safety risks while at school.

All Laptops and netbooks

  • Maximum age – 4 years
  • Current warranty and insurance recommended
  • Robust carry bag
  • Minimum expected battery life of 7 hours
  • Minimum 2GB RAM, 4G RAM recommended
  • Wireless network adaptor (WiFi) that supports A/N or B/G/N 802.11
  • Windows
    • Minimum Windows 7, Windows 8 Pro or Windows 10 installed. (Windows RT is not acceptable)
    • Celeron or greater processor
  • Apple
    • Mac OSX 10.7.2 (Lion) or greater installed

All Tablets

  • Recommended age – 2 years. Tablets generally have a shorter support lifespan both on warranty and software.
  • Current warranty and insurance recommended
  • Robust carry bag or cover
  • Minimum 10” screen size (not iPad Mini, iPod’s, etc)
  • Minimum expected battery life of 7 hours
  • Windows
    • Minimum Windows 8 Pro or Window 10 installed. (Windows RT is not acceptable)
    • Minimum 2GB Ram
    • Minimum 64GB storage recommended
  • Apple iPad
    • iOS 8 or greater
    • Minimum 32GB storage recommended

Note: Any Android, Windows RT and Linux devices are currently not 100% compatible with Education Department systems and should not be used as the primary 1:1 device for students.

Families should note that these are minimum specifications. Selection of a device better than these is acceptable but not required, you should consider personal preferences and uses in determining the best device for you child.





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