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Brauer Athletics

web athletics 2014 2At the Athletic sports on Friday 14th March many students competed in the events offered building further on the new format introduced last year to encourage participation. All students could enter as many of the events as the liked with 3 from each House qualifying for the final in the field events and even more in the track events.

A pleasant sunny day was welcomed and the day started with all students trialling with their house in the 100 metres. This proved very successful with many taking to the track.

The rest of the day saw students congregating at the field events to try their hand at the shot put, discus, javelin, high jump, long jump and triple jump events and testing themselves on the track in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m events.
The day concluded with the relays and again mass participation was involved.

Congratulations to all students who competed. The day was a great success and the students present were fantastic and ensured the day progressed to complete all events.

The House champions on the day were:

  • 13 yrs Boys Jol Katsaros Vesta
  • 13 yrs Girls Bonnie Williamson Aurora
  • 14 yrs Boys Jyran Chatfield Aurora
  • 14 yrs Girls Rhys Greene- Kelson Vesta
  • 15 yrs Boys Lachlan Trigg Vesta
  • 15 yrs Girls Victoria Blackwood Orion
  • 16 yrs Boys Lachlan Mahony Vesta
  • 16 yrs Girls Elodie Bailey Geefa
  • 17 yrs Boys Dylan Cox Vesta
  • 17 yrs Girls Sarah Hall Aurora
  • 20 yrs Boys Ricky McMahon Vesta
  • 20 yrs Girls Danielle Higgins Geefa

The House competition was again interesting and hard fought over the day.

Boys Results

  • Vesta 812
  • Aurora 771
  • Orion 718
  • Geefa 669

Girls Results

  • Aurora 855
  • Geefa 802
  • Orion 612
  • Vesta 460

The overall house aggregate was as follows:

  • Aurora 1626
  • Geefa 1471
  • Orion 1330
  • Vesta 1272

Some records again fell on the day.

  • F 17Yr 100m LEACH, Kimberley GEEFA 13.30 seconds Old Record: 13.40 ROGERS, K ( 1997)
  • M 15Yr Shot Put NAHI, Tamiano ORION 11.46m Old Record: 11.38 COX, Dylan J (VES 2012)
  • F 13Yr 1500m WILLIAMSON, Bonnie AURORA 5:43.00 minutes Old Record: 5:46.70 SMEDTS, Maddison R (ORI 2005)
  • M 15Yr 1500m TRIGG, Lachlan VESTA 4:51.55 minutes Old Record: 4:52.97 WHITE, Thomas A (VES 2005)
  • M 17Yr 800m COX, Dylan VESTA 2:12.40 minutesOld Record: 2:12.40 HOLT, Simon (AUR 1998)
  • F 17Yr Javelin HALL, Sarah AUR 21.63m Old Record: 18.6 ROBERTS, Laura C (AUR 2012)
  • F 15Yr Discus RODGERS, Zhane AURORA 22m Old Record: 19.15 HALL, Sarah L (AUR 2012)
  • F 15Yr Shot Put RODGERS, Zhane AURORA 7.53m Old Record: 7.4 BAILEY, Elodie T (GEE 2013)

The events this year were very well supported and all students involved need to be congratulated for their efforts. My thanks goes to the House leaders who put in the effort to ensure such a successful day for the school. Thanks to the staff that ran the track and field events often without a break and also with greater numbers of students to get through in each event, and the much needed staff to mingle and involve themselves with the students during the day. Well done to all participants and thanks to all helpers.

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